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Digger Press was created and established by Albany born Western Australian author and historical researcher Kevin Gomm in 2010. Kevin specialises in local military history and heritage mainly from the Second World War period of which much has taken many years of hard study, research and investigation to collect and compile together. These are all from a large wide variety of sources from both here in Australia and abroad.

Since releasing the first edition of ‘Red Sun On The Kangaroo Paw’ in 2009 and the subsequent second edition in 2010, he is now the author of three individual titles including ‘In The Shadow Of the Eagle’ and ‘Beneath Cold Waves’. In early 2012 the best selling ‘Red Sun On The Kangaroo Paw’ was re-released as a very special 70th Anniversary 1942-2012 Commemorative Edition. This current, larger, expanded and more comprehensive edition describing all the Japanese air raids and attacks on Western Australia during World War II has been a success and will remain as the available ongoing format in this series from now on. In addition a 1 hour DVD documentary narrated by the author was released in November 2012 to compliment the book. (see DVD page)

Digger Press is his own small self–publishing business that was originally created and set up simply with the intention to publish his own books. Since then it has quietly grown in its collection to now have not only Kevin’s own works, but also that of others in its catalogue including Carole Perry’s finely penned biography of ‘Dr Lionel Frederick West -Northcliffe’s Only Doctor’ and the Christmas 2012 release of the equally fascinating ‘Memories of a Matelot’ by Sid Henry (DSC, RNVR) of which Kevin assisted in editing. Out now is a fascinating account of the assembly of the two Anzac convoys in King George Sound in 1914 by local Albany maritime historian Roger Cunnington released in time for the 100th anniversary due to commence in late 2014. 

Whilst Digger Press is small, as a self published author Kevin Gomm adheres to the highest levels of integrity, quality and presentation to deliver a professional book at an affordable price.  This  also runs parallel to his open display of commitment to continuously aim for, improve and strive to the highest levels and standards of intelligent readership excellence.

New Book Released…LIFEBOAT #6 – THE SINKING OF THE SS FORT LEE – now available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0987223186

Kevin Gomm has a new book that is now available for purchase on Amazon. Released on April 23 2014  Lifeboat #6 – The Sinking Of The SS Fort Lee is the compelling true, but forgotten story of the of the torpedoing of this American tanker by the German U-boat U-181 in the Indian Ocean on November 2 1944. It traces the survivors extraordinary journey from the sinking and being marooned at sea to their rescue and eventual repatriation back to the United States (see page for more details). November 2 2014 will mark 70 years from when this incident occurred. On this date we pause, reflect and remember.

So again, welcome to Digger Press - self publishing for self publishers and preserving our heritage where you can discover more good Australian books.

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