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November 14 1944





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The 70 Year Anniversary


1944 – 2014


Ever wanted to know what it is like to be in a torpedoed ship and then to spend the next several weeks in a lifeboat marooned at sea?



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Lifeboat #6


The Sinking Of The SS Fort Lee


On Thursday November 2 1944 the American oil tanker SS Fort Lee is sunk in the Indian Ocean halfway between Perth and Mauritius.

A total of four lifeboats manage to safely get away.

…Twelve days later on November 14 1944 the port town receives ashore seventeen U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Navy Armed Guard sailors. The very same day at Fremantle in Perth

and later at the port of Colombo, Ceylon, other American sailors are also disembarked.


Together they all had one thing in common…

…they were survivors.


However one lifeboat disappears and is never seen again.


This is the extraordinary true life odyssey of the sinking of the SS Fort Lee by the German U-boat U-181 on November 2 1944.


At over 550 pages including 50 rare photographs.

Seven years in the research.

The compelling new book by author Kevin Gomm.


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On November 2 2014 it will be 70 years when the SS Fort Lee was sunk and this fascinating saga developed.

On this date we pause, remember and reflect.



The sixteen U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Navy Armed Guard survivors who were in Lifeboat #2 from the Fort Lee taken in Fremantle November 1944 following rescue by the British ship MV Ernebank. All are identified and named.