Other Titles By Digger Press



‘Where Turtles Come Ashore’

by Paul Pietersen

The latest new seafaring novel set in the 19th century. Beautifully written, compelling and well researched with its rich tapestry of characters interwoven with the sometimes gripping but overall compassionate storyline. Well worth the read. Over 800 pages with illustrations. Released in December 2015 and now available. To purchase please contact the author directly at: ptm@westnet.com.au

The official book launch for this title took place on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 at the Albany City Library. It was very well attended and received, indicating the already popular interest in this novel, the natural environment and for the awareness of turtle population both here locally and worldwide.

A short video of this book can also be viewed on YouTube. Simply Google ‘Where Turtles Come Ashore‘ to see.

Author Paul Pietersen



‘Yours Truly Came Up Smiling’

by Chris Handley

The biographical account of gunner Fred Johnson and his service as an artilleryman with the AIF during World War One. With notations taken from personal diary extracts, the author presents a wonderful first hand description of front line action from Messines and Passchendale through to Amiens and more. Thoroughly researched, with excellent detailed maps and rare photographs. Released in February 2015. To purchase please contact the author directly at: ahandley@conceptual.net.au



‘Northcliffe – The Town That Refused To Die’

by Carole Perry

The second book by noted local Northcliffe author Carole Perry that traces the town’s history from its early Group Settlement scheme to the present day. Very well documented, accompanied with many rare photographs. To purchase please contact the author directly at: carolep@westnet.com.au



‘Dr Lionel Frederick West – Northcliffe’s Only Doctor’

by Carole Perry

Carole Perry’s first book detailing the life story of Dr West from his family history to his service with the British Army during World War One and subsequent migration to Australia in assisting the Group Settlement families at Northcliffe, Western Australia. Well researched with rare photographs. To purchase please contact the author directly at: carolep@westnet.com.au



‘Albany’s ANZAC Convoys’

by Roger Cunnington

The definitive account detailing the assembly of the two convoys amassed in King George Sound at Albany in 1914 before their departure to the Middle East and subsequent battlefields of Gallipoli and Europe. Thoroughly researched and detailed with excellent diagrams and photographs. An ex-mercantile seaman himself, author Roger Cuninngton is the maritime historian with the Albany Historical Society. To purchase please contact the author directly at: albanyconvoys@westnet.com.au