DVD – Red Sun On The Kangaroo Paw

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Do you know enough about what happened at Broome?

Do You?


Do you think the people of Australia know enough about what happened at Broome and Wyndham on March 3 1942?

What about at Exmouth Gulf, Onslow, Port Hedland, Kalumburu and the other places?


Now see the book come to life!

Red Sun On The Kangaroo Paw – Japanese Air Raids and Attacks on Western Australia during World War II – The DVD

- See interview with ‘Gus’ Winckel (shot down Zero fighter at Broome) conducted in 2012 just prior to his 100th birthday. He sadly passed  away in November 2013.
- Interview with Peter Koens in 2012 – survivor from one of the Dornier flying boats attacked and sunk by the Japanese
- USAAC B-24 Liberator 40-2374 - take off from Broome airfield
- Attacks by all the other Zero fighters
- Other genuine archival footage to simulate attacks on Western Australia
- Images from the book
- Narrated by the author Kevin Gomm